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Fall 2009
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Q. What should I do if I want my child to be on a team with a particular friend?
A. On your registration form, you will be asked to name two children whom your child would like as teammates (in order of preference). Please put the name of your child’s friend, and we will do our best to honor that request. Also, be sure that both you and your friend register before the deadline, because we can not guarantee placement after the deadline.

Q. What should I do if I want my child to play on a team with other kids from our elementary school?
A. On your registration form, you will be asked to name two children whom your child would like as teammates. If you name other children from your school, or leave that spot blank, we will group your child with others from his or her school. Again, please register on time, because we can not guarantee placement after the deadline.

Q. What team is my kid on?
A. We place kids on teams after the deadline, so we know how many teams we have. We always group kids by school, unless you request a friend from a different school. If you request a friend, we always honor that request, unless it's after the deadline. After the coaches' meeting, your coach will contact you about team name, color, and field for the first day.

Q. Will our team be the same as the last season?
A. Probably not. If you would like to play with a friend, please request them.

Q: What should my kid wear?
A: K Soccer t-shirt, shin guards and shorts or sweats. We recommend sneakers, but cleats are alright.

Q: When will we receive the equipment that we ordered?
A. Your coach will have your equipment, along with your team shirt, on the first day.

Q. I’d like to coach, but I have no experience and/or I don’t know anything about soccer. Should I volunteer?
A. Absolutely! There is no experience necessary. We will provide you all the training and information you need. The time commitment is for the coaches' meeting before the season starts and then just the games. If you think you would enjoy being a coach, we’d love to have you.

Q. When will we hear from our coach?
A. You should hear from your child’s coach approximately one week before the season starts.

Q. I can't remember - did I register online?
A. When you register online, you should get a confirmation email from and your credit card will be charged. If after checking your records you are still not sure, please email us.

Q. My child was old enough to enter kindergarten this year but we chose to postpone by a year. Should we register as Kindergarten or Pre-K?
A. Please register as Pre-K for spring so that you will be placed on a team with other fall kindergarten families.

Q. My child is technically too young for the program. Is there a way around that?
A. No. We make the teams with kids in your child's grade, helping them meet future classmates. We recommend checking the YMCA or Newton Community Education for soccer programs.

Q. Do you offer sibling discounts?
A. If you have more than one child registered in the same season, there is a $10 discount.

Q. Can I register my child after the deadline?
A. If there is room in the program, you may register your child. Please remember that we work hard to craft teams of friends and neighbors. A late registrant will only be placed on a team with an opening - we can not always accommodate requests after the deadline. There is a $10 late fee after the deadline.

Q. What is your refund policy?
A. Refunds (minus a $10 administrative fee) will be provided until the registration deadline.

Q. What is your make up policy?
A. For the fall season, we schedule 7 games, between the start of school and when the weather may get too cold. If we cancel a game, we can make up one game at the end of the season. In the spring, we schedule 8 games, between the cold weather and the end of school, since we can always count on spring rains. If we have to cancel two games, we arrange a make up game at the end of the season.

Q. How do you decide to cancel a game?
We cancel for heavy rain, if the City of Newton closes the fields, or if we judge that the fields are too wet to use. You can check the Parks and Recreation department site here.

We also get up early on Saturday morning and consult the weather predictions and radar and satellite images. We may make a different decision than other soccer organizations. We send out an email at least an hour before the game if it is cancelled, and we post the information on this site, as well.

Q. What if my child is hurt?
A. We always stock first aid supplies at the equipment trees. Please speak to a volunteer or coordinator and they will be happy to give you supplies. If your child needs more than first aid, please seek medical care immediately.

Q. Can my child wear cleats?
A. Your child may play in soccer cleats. Since this is a social introduction to soccer we do not require them.

Q. How do I register online?
A. Click here to register for Spring 2010


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